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Marketers are Increasing Swag Spend

A recent study found significant return on investment in companies that use promotional products as apart of their marketing campaign. It was determined that promotional products offer an extremely low cost-per-impression (CPI) compared to other methods.

Branded t-shirts, hats and other apparel have become 'go to' pieces in the millennial wardrobe and are widely seen in a variety of settings including in more casual ones.

  • Apparel - Kept on average 16 months.

  • Umbrellas - Kept on average 14 months.

  • USB and desk accessories - Kept on average 13 months.

  • Drink-ware - Kept on average 12 months.

  • Bags - Kept on average 11 months.

  • Writing instruments - Kept on average 9 months.

Info-graphic: Top reasons to buy promotional products




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